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Direct Results in Productivity




Oracle is one of the leading global IT solutions companies in the world. The Application Sales team wanted to investigate their individual motivators and de-motivators to enable them to increase productivity and team morale.



Following a significant increase in targets, the manager of the Application Sales team commissioned a Motivation Review with the following objectives:

  • To identify new approaches and strategies to increase pipeline coverage
  • To increase confidence amongst the team that the targets will be met
  • To increase the number of the sales team that achieve or exceed their personal target
  • Provide a rounded picture of employees and performance



  • The whole team experienced an increase in motivation and had better results because of this Review
  • Red flags were identified and actions plans put in place quickly
  • The Review helped new team members get up to speed quickly, helping to understand the attitudes and motivations of others
  • Increase in morale as the team feel better managed and receive clearer, more frequent communication from seniors
  • Individual profiles have been discussed creating a stronger team and happier individuals.